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The Association plans to offer

▪ Alumni Career and Networking Services:
Membership links you to a strong network of members in different parts of the world.

▪ Innovations
An annual event organized to foster innovation amongst school children. The focus is on innovations originating in Science and Technology and the event showcases selected novel ideas in practice and provides a platform for the innovators to disseminate their ideas to a wider and well-connected audience.

▪ Student-Alumni Contact:
Support current students through different mentoring opportunities either by being part of on-campus lectures or through an in-person or online commitment; provide internships; recruit fresh graduates; present career programs etc.

▪ Travel together:
Head out on a weekend jaunt or take an educational voyage or expedition with fellow alumni, friends, and family members on social objective Form.

▪ SJII Orators Club :
For the fervent orators who want to nurture their talent and chisel their communication skills, here is a platform. Under the aegis of the Alumni Association, ‘The Orators Club’, proposes to be a platform for the members to mentor the Young Josephites of SJII to hone their oratory and leadership skills using the time tested principles of Toastmasters International. Youth leadership programs, contests, educational sessions..

▪ Geographic Alumni Chapters:
The Alumni Association proposes to form chapters across the globe and encourage local chapters to organize events all over the country and can provide you with opportunities to renew old friendships and start new ones.

▪ Support your Society :
At the village level by being part of the initiative of Karnataka Jesuit Education Society [KJES].

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