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Alumni Director’s Message

The Alumni Association of St Joseph’s Indian Institutions is known for its active involvement and high social ranking. As its Director, I have witnessed a lot of enthusiasm on their parts, to come together, contribute creatively to its alma mater and to the society at large. The two Alumni Reunions which I had organized and witnessed in February 2018 and January 2019 saw luminaries gather together with joy and gratitude to meet their teachers and batch mates. Memories of meeting their friends after years of their departure from the school were fascinating and worth recalling.

The Reunion Day gives also a purpose and direction to the alumni. It recalls the very foundation on which they built their life as a student “FAITH AND TOIL”. It is also an opportunity for the management and the School to identify the distinguished alumni and not only to recognize them but also honour them in public. The alumni see it as a privilege to give in return to the institution for what they have received. Generous alumni benefactors have been born on this day, coming forward to support the retired teachers and the Poor students through their contribution to “Retired Teachers Fund” and “Poor Students Scholarship Fund”.

The Alumni Core Committee born out of this Reunion has been on fire to organize events for the alumni, the present students and the Bijapur Rural schools. They meet every fortnight and dream for the school and society, with Mr Mumtaz as the President, and plan how to raise funds for the Alumni Association and the School. With the ever wise vice President Mr Chandrashekar and the Secretary, Mr Lokanandan, I’m sure, the constant efforts of the committee will be fruitful not only tenfold but a hundredfold in the days and months to come with the support and active contribution of all the alumni. Dear Alumni, I invite all of you to register yourselves at the Alumni Office and join hands with the committee to plan for the School and society.

May God bless all of us. Fr Henry Saldanha S J

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