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The OBA, now known as SJII Alumni, was established in 1928 and has been in the forefront of the institution’s growth. Many of the Alumni have been steering the institution as teachers and school administers, while others have contributed both in the time and in kind for the development of the students, in the forms of scholarships, in building of the infrastructure and mentoring the students to be noble citizens of the country.

St. Joseph's Indian High School was opened in 1904 on Museum road before it moved to the current location. The strength of the Institution has been its SJ Alumni and the parents of the students. St. Joseph's Indian High School is one of the first schools to recognize the need to foster a close relationship, mutual understanding and co-operation between school, the Old Boys Association [OBA], and the parents for the all-round development of the students. Click here for history of the school

Over the last 90 years, the Alumni have gone into various fields of society. Some have become Teachers, some Defense men and Officers, some other Industry Captains, Entrepreneurs, Social Leaders, Sportspersons, Technologists, Doctors, Engineers, Accounting Professionals and so on. The 100,000 plus students who passed out of the Institution have contributed to the welfare of society and of the country.

The motto “Faith and Toil” has inspired many of the students and has motivated many to follow the path of leadership.

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